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Do you believe in me, as I do you?
Does my faith in you shine through?
When you see my face, or hear my voice
Do you feel the same things I do?
Do you know that I love you?
You are all my dreams are come true?
Your eyes, your smile, your wonderful laugh.
stir a passion from my soul...

From the very beginning so long ago,
I knew right from the start
That I was blessed with a man like you,
so I promise you from my heart
That in the end, when my life is over,
and its time for us to part.

Have faith my darling,
that you will be, eternally in my heart
When I meet our maker, Our God from above
He will smile and say about me,
this is a woman who knew love,
As one can clearly see
For her happiness shines through her soul,
she has completed her task.

She has shared this love with one special man,
and may now come through the
path to enter heaven free from sin,
free from the evils at hand
She made her life a special one,
with the faith, in the love of one man!

Dawni Summitt