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Healthy Recipes: - recipes, nutrition info, selection tips
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Anywhere But In the Kitchen with Easy, Fast, Healthy Recipes
Apple Recipes
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Ask the Dietitian
Aunt Runner's Low Sodium Recipes
Balderon's Low Carb Recipe Collection
Delicious Decisions from the American Heart Association
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Eight Steps to Juice Therapy
Fit and fabulous low cal and low carbohydrate meals
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The Low Fat Vegetarian Recipe Archive
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Low Sodium Recipes - Recipezaar
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NSCG - Heart-healthy recipes
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Nutrition & Healthy Recipes
Nutrition and Your Health Dietary Guidelines for Americans
Salads -
Salt-Free Life
Tazarat Vegan Recipes
The Healthy Refrigerator
The Healthy Refrigerator - Adult Recipes
The juice glass juicing tips and recipes
The Low Carb Cafe - low carbohydrate diet information, recipes, message boards and chat
The Low Carb Connoisseur
The Low Carb Connoisseur Great Links to Explore
The Quick and Easy Veggie Meals Under a $1.50
Trader Joe's low sodium foods
VegEats! - Vegetarian-Vegan Foods and Restaurants Guide
The Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG)
Vegetarian Times Home Page
CHAMPS Outpatient Program Heart Healthy Recipe Substitutions Food & Recipes
Yahoo! Health Recipe Search
Zorba Paster On Your Health - Heart healthy recipes

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Here is a cookie recipe that was given to me.